Tuesday, October 21, 2008


misplaced metaphor

I have been meaning to upload one of these drawings, although I must say I am not pleased with the color quality from the scans.  (These are very low-res versions.)  As a break from photo work, and video work, and painting, and collage, ... from everything, really, I began these very simple, humble line drawings.  I completed maybe 50 or so and have now switched over to black and white.  These scans are from the earlier, color series, completed near the end of the summer.  Xander spilled a glass of water on most of them, and didn't tell me until weeks later.  


I have been editing photo work tonight, after so much time avoiding.  The hours spent in front of the computer are my least favorite part of the process.  As a result, I have thousands of images that exist only in RAW digital form.  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Settling In

Ah, yes ... settling into Portland, Maine ... forever the "other" Portland.  Thankful that I have chosen NOT to stick to my plan to avoid alcohol from April Fool's Day to April Fool's Day.  Converging "studio" with "apartment" in such a fashion that I actually think I will have a productive year.

No photo tonight.  I will scan a new piece in the morning.  Maybe a line drawing, if I can find one to unpack, or a page from my newly christened sketchbook.  Boxes still from floor to ceiling.  In the bedroom.  All other rooms, FINALLY unpacked, or nearly.  I have left most of my art supplies to unpack until the very end, knowing that once they're in the house, I will make, make, make instead of unpacking and setting up a home for our little family.    Not wanting to create chaos until we're out of box-dom.