Sunday, October 5, 2008

Settling In

Ah, yes ... settling into Portland, Maine ... forever the "other" Portland.  Thankful that I have chosen NOT to stick to my plan to avoid alcohol from April Fool's Day to April Fool's Day.  Converging "studio" with "apartment" in such a fashion that I actually think I will have a productive year.

No photo tonight.  I will scan a new piece in the morning.  Maybe a line drawing, if I can find one to unpack, or a page from my newly christened sketchbook.  Boxes still from floor to ceiling.  In the bedroom.  All other rooms, FINALLY unpacked, or nearly.  I have left most of my art supplies to unpack until the very end, knowing that once they're in the house, I will make, make, make instead of unpacking and setting up a home for our little family.    Not wanting to create chaos until we're out of box-dom.


Vicky said...

You've moved to Portland, Maine!? Just drove past the coffee shop on 28th this morning and thought of you, wish we could get together for a beer, or not?

Love the box idea,
as always your work is beautiful,
and I wish you all the best in your settling in,

Sarah said...

Hi, Vicky ... Yes, yes ... we are now in Portland, ME. I DO wish we could get together for a beer. That would be lovely.

I hope you are enjoying the most fantastic Portland on the planet!